About Us

PCMC Purpose Statement

The Prevention Coalition of Monmouth County exits to improve substance use/misuse prevention strategies through awareness, education, and advocacy to affect community-level change.

Our Purpose

  • To provide a forum for community members and organizations with the express purpose of working together to improve substance abuse prevention strategies within Monmouth County.

  • To develop an annual plan to reduce substance abuse through sustainable prevention programs and strategies.

  • To increase public awareness related to substance abuse trends and community resources.

  • To effect community-level change in Monmouth County through policy and advocacy efforts.

  • To increase community collaboration.

Funding Sources

New Jersey Division of Mental Health and Addiction Services, private donations, and fundraising efforts. 


  • To reduce underage drinking.

  • To reduce the use of illegal substances, especially opiate use among young adults ages 18-25.

  • To reduce prescription medication misuse across the lifespan.

  • To reduce the use of new and emerging drugs across the lifespan.

  • To reduce tobacco, ENDS, and marijuana use.